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April 5, 2012
The people here think I'm nice -- a lot THEY know.  With great skill, I concealed my foul mood this morning, and am fairly certain nobody could tell I wanted to bite off somebody's head.  I did not want to lead the Bible study this morning or do the healing service that precedes it.  I didn't want to talk to anybody.  I just wanted to be left alone. But such things cannot be.

My snarly mood persisted a fair distance into the Eucharist, which was celebrated to the glory of God and in observance of Martin Luther King's feast day. I was filled with remembered sorrow when  I finished reading the lesson about him:  for a moment it was that sunny morning in April of 1968, when I heard about his death on the radio while I  was getting dressed for school.  Can it have been so long ago?  Can he really have been so young -- so much younger than I am now -- and accomplished so much?  

My peevishness began to dissolve in my sorrow, a good thing, and pretty soon it was gone altogether.  The Bible study was as lovely as it always is:  one of the ways in which we know that scripture is inspired by God is that our spirits embrace when we read it together, and I remembered that I love my people here, that I love serving them, that I learn from them as they learn from me.  I remembered that I m in charge of whether or I get enough rest, and resolved to step up to the plate on that, my perennial weak spot.  

And so the eMos return, right in the middle of Holy Week: not because I've got it together, but because I understand -- for now, at least --  that it's all right if I don't.    


This Holy Week I am here at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Metuchen.  Here is what's happening:

MAUNDY THURSDAY, 7PM:   Liturgy for Maundy Thursday, Watch at the Altar of Repose
                                               Labyrinth meditation from 9pm through the night.
GOOD FRIDAY. 9-noon:  Neighborhood Stations of the Cross.  Step off from the church, 9am.
                        12-3:       The Seven Last Words.  Sermons by ecumenical clergy.
                         7pm:       Liturgy for Good Friday
HOLY SATURDAY,  8pm:  The Great Vigil of Easter
                                         Champagne and strawberries in Fryer Room after!
EASTER DAY. 8 and 19:  Holy Eucharist
                                        Easter Egg Hunt for children in the garden after the 10am.
Barbara Crafton will preach at all services.
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