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An Unexpected Christmas
CD $17
An Unexpected Christmas
Virginia Girls Choir and Ana Hernández
CD, 17 tracks, © November 2010

The Virginia Girls Choir and Ana Hernández have released “An Unexpected Christmas,” a 17-track CD featuring a fresh, distinctive mix of new pieces and traditional Christmas ... more
Invitation to Wonder
Paperback $20
Invitation to Wonder
A Journey Through the Seasons

Elizabeth Ayres
Paperback, 282 pages, © September 2010

The pleasure of your company is requested...The adventure is set to begin. Spring's cacophony of birds and blossoms makes you warble a singular song, Here I am, matchless ... more
Praying Day by Day
Calendar $15
Praying Day by Day
A Year of Meditations

Forward Movement Publications
Calendar, 376 pages, © October 2009

Join us for a year of prayer...

Offering an insightful meditation for every day of the year, this book will be your spiritual companion ... more
The Golden Ratio
Paperback $16
The Golden Ratio
The Story of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number

Mario Livio
Paperback, 304 pages, © September 2003

Throughout history, thinkers from mathematicians to theologians have pondered the mysterious relationship between numbers and the nature of reality. In this fascinating ... more
Jesus Wept
Hardcover $20
Jesus Wept
When Faith and Depression Meet

by Barbara C. Crafton
Hardcover, 192 pages, © April 2009

Praise for Jesus Wept

"What courage it took for this priest and poet to explore depression in people of faith. Barbara Crafton writes with exquisite ... more
What Size Are God's Shoes
Paperback $12
What Size Are God's Shoes
Kids, Chaos, and the Spiritual Life

by Tim Schenck, foreword by Barbara Crafton
Paperback, 131 pages, © July 2008

Do you believe God can be found in both the miraculous and the mundane? Through 40 insightful and engaging essays, Tim Schenck helps us encounter God through the chaos ... more
Trustworthy Connections
Paperback $15
Trustworthy Connections
Interpersonal Issues in Spiritual Direction

by Anne Winchell Silver
Paperback, 159 pages, © January 2004

Although God is at the center of the process of spiritual direction, the more readily visible participants are human beings. Like all other people, directors and directees ... more
Collision of Worlds
Hardcover $24
Collision of Worlds
A Priest's Life

by Charles R. Colwell
Hardcover, 132 pages, © May 2008

An Episcopal priest maintains that "earth becomes the womb of heaven so that God may be born in the manger of human experience". This book blesses the earthy and calls ... more
Novena in Time of War
Paperback $14
Novena in Time of War
Soul-Searching Prayers & Meditations

by Jim Melchiorre
Paperback, 95 pages, © January 2008

Picture a world where war is not an option. Think of all the human problems and disputes that would still exist but would need to be resolved in another way. Pray to ... more
Episcopal Haiku
Paperback $10
Episcopal Haiku
by Sarah Goodyear and Ed Weissman
Paperback, 120 pages, © November 2007

The Episcopal Church's rituals and foibles, character and characters, beauty and liturgy - seventeen syllables at a time.

Stand, sit, kneel, stand, kneel:
It's ... more
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